The Main Causes of Grey Hair

The Main Causes of Grey HairThe silver grey hair colour trend has made grey hair more fashionable than ever!

Grey hair colours now come in varying shades, such as silver grey, dirty grey, ash grey, bold purple-grey and more.

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Whilst on the topic of grey hair, below are some facts you may be interested in.

Vitamin deficiency and premature grey hair

A deficiency in certain vitamins may result in you growing grey hair prematurely. Low levels of vitamin D3, serum ferritin and serum calcium are common in people who have gone grey prematurely. Additionally, low levels of vitamin B13 is known to be responsible for the loss of hair pigmentation. To avoid greying prematurely, you might want to up your daily dose of these vitamins.

Can smoking cause grey hair?

The Indian Dermatology Online Journal published a study in 2013 which revealed that smokers are 2 and a half times more likely to grow grey hair prematurely than those who do not smoke. The chemicals in smoke can also kill hair cells, resulting in hair loss.

Grey or white hair may indicate an increased risk of heart disease

A study was conducted by the European Society of Cardiology on the link between grey hair and increased risk of heart disease. The study included 545 male participants, who were divided into several groups based on the amount of grey hair they had and if they had the coronary artery disease or not.

The quantity of grey hair was graded on a scale of 1-5, 5 being an all-white hair. The researchers also collected data on the participants regarding their family medical history, diabetes, smoking habits and hypertension.

The researchers found out that a hair score of 3 and above was linked with an increased risk of coronary artery disease. The study also revealed that the participants with coronary artery disease had a significantly higher grey hair score and greater coronary artery calcification than those without it.

Grey hair is in your genes

Ask your parents when they went grey and that will be a good indicator as to when you can expect to go grey! Your race also determines how soon you will go grey. Caucasians tend to go grey in their mid-30s, African-Americans in their mid-40s and Asians in their late 30s.

The Main Causes of Grey Hair  The Main Causes of Grey Hair The Main Causes of Grey Hair