Winter Hair Trends

Winter Hair Colours at S J Forbes Hair Salon in Egham

Winteris a great time to rethink your hair colour so why not let the team at S J Forbes Hair Salons in Egham help you find the perfect hair colour for you.  Give us a call on 01784 430444 or book online and please remember, if you are new to hair colour or have not had a colour for six months or more, please come in for a quick skin allergy test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Golden, Caramel & Honey Hair Highlights

Add warm highlights to your hair for an on-trend hair colour. Golden, caramel or honey highlights (or a mixture of all three!) can be added to brown or blonde hair for a gorgeous new look.

Rich Red Hair Colours

Ask your hair colour technician at S J Forbes Hair Salon in Egham to spice things up with rich shades of red for a stylish and chic hair colour this winter.  Add hues of copper, plum or auburn highlights to your hair to match the season’s cooler feel. 

Balayage Trend for Winter 

For a beautiful and low-maintenance hair colour, consider balayage.  You skilled colour technician will apply highlights to your hair freehand, using vertical strokes, just as if you were painting colour onto the hair. These natural highlights are a few shades lighter than the actual tone of your hair colour and effortlessly transition from root to tip, giving you those subtle changes in colour.