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  1. Hi,

    Looking into olaplex and saw that you’re a salon that offers the service. I currently have blonde highlights but my current salon just don’t really understand that I want to go to a lighter blonde. They also never run the colour through to the ends as they said they don’t want to damage it but this is leaving my ends looking quite dull. Was wondering if olaplex blonde would be an option for me and how much you charge etc? Thanks!

    1. hi natalie

      Apologies but this message was in our spam account :/
      olaplex would allow you to 100% take your colour through to the ends of your hair
      it costs £25 and is an amazing product
      and can be used as a stand alone treatment

      pls call us on 01784 430444 to know more or book an appointment

  2. Hi there

    Could you please let me know the prices for wedding hair, home visit, Staines? One bride, two bridesmaids (three updos of some sort). The wedding is on 21 January 2017.


  3. To Whom It May Concern,

    I current work for British Marine in Egham (whereby our company have been offered the 25% corportae discount. Ive seen on instagram a lovely colour posted 5 July for a rich colour by ‘fergalukecious’ and would like to get the same colour if possible. I have exactly the same type and length and hair. Therefore please may I ask you to confirm your prices for this colour and cut and availability for Friday 28th (first thing – 9am?) or friday 4th november anytime after 4pm?

    I look foward to hearing from you.

    1. pls come in for a consultation to ensure we give you the correct price as there is a lot of different prices for each result

      our number is 01784430444 pls book in with Hayley

  4. he could do 10.30am on the 28th
    or after 4 on the 4th..

    our price list is on line but without seeing your hair we wouldn’t know what colour/service you would need to get the desired affect.

    if you are local pls pop in for a consultation?

  5. Hi,
    I am looking to use the “Tame Me Thursday” offer and I am just wondering how long your hair has to be before the price goes up from 99 pounds? My hair is a little past my shoulders but still fairly short. I love this treatment but cannot afford more than 100 pounds so I’m looking at different salons and comparing offers.


    1. if you come on a Thursday it will be £99, if you have very thick hair there may be an additional surcharge but we can tell you that before we do it.

      pls feel free to come in for a free consultation

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