Brazilian Blow Dry for £99

Brazilian Blow Dry for £99

Do you long for smooth hair that looks healthy and silky? Then why not try the amazing Nanokeratin Brazilian Blow Dry hair smoothing treatment which can give you smoother hair for up to 14 weeks.

This hair smoothing treatment is now available at SJ Forbes in Egham for just £99 on Mondays to Thurdays before 6pm.

If you want this service on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, or you are after a Late Night appointment, please be aware that there will be a £50 surcharge.  

Nanokeratin hair smoothing works by locking miniscule particles of keratin deep within damaged hair to make each hair shaft smoother. It’s perfect if you have frizzy or unruly hair that needs to be tamed, plus the quality and condition of your hair will improve with each application.

Please note:  All discounts are given at the salon manager’s discretion and can be refused at any time.